Decongestive and Compression Therapy

Lymphoedema Care: Combined Decongestive therapy and Compression Therapy

MLD is not only an effective part of total lymphoedema management but is also an excellent treatment for general health care and may help to reduce the risk of the development of secondary lymphoedema.  The ultimate aim of this management regime is to bring the body back to as stable and normal a situation as possible.

This approach to the management of lymphoedema consists of:

– Manual Lymph Drainage

– Compression

– Exercise

– Skin Care

There are two phases to the treatment plan for existing or long-term lymphoedema:

Intensive Treatment Phase

Frequent MLD sessions with bandaging.

Exercise and skin care to be practised at home.

Maintenance Program

Wearing compression garments prescribed.

Continuing exercise program and skin care

MLD sessions as required

Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual client.  Please contact Carolyn Rowe at Botanica Medica for furter details or an appointment 08 82711827

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