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The era for personalised healthcare is here.

In the interests of contributing to the long term health and wellbeing of clients, Craig Wainwright has become a Fitgenes Certified Practitioner. This means he is able to design a customised program for healthy living and healthy ageing specifically for you.

The era of personalised medicine has arrived, allowing Craig to provide a truly individualised approach to your health (not a one size fits all approach).

Fitgenes has developed a Fast Track to Health program that utilises your personal genetic profile to tailor a customised program of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices. As world leaders in the field, Fitgenes has developed this program based upon the latest science and technology in the field of Nutrigenomics.

Genetic Profiling Improves Your Health

Personalised genetic profiling can assist in delivering significant improvements in a wide variety of health conditions. I have found it beneficial in treating autism spectrum disorders, families with multiple autoimmune diseases , dementia, depression and other mental health conditions

Fitgenes also has testimonials from clients who have lost weight and have successfully maintained their weight loss, decreased their blood pressure, had relief from migraines and have experienced improvements in hormonal problems.

Help You Make the Right Choices

The Fast Track to Health program can help you make the best dietary choices by identifying for example how much fat and carbohydrates you can tolerate and the best type of fats for you.

The program can also help you make better exercise choices too. Learn the best type of exercise to help your body burn fat, or the best type of exercise to decrease inflammation.

Do You Want Better Health?

What aspects of your health would you like to see improve?

More energy, better sleep, pain relief, hormone balance, healthy ageing? Craig can assist you with these and many other key health issues through the Fitgenes Fast Track to Health program.

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