Naturopathy aims to treat the whole person, rather than merely alleviating symptoms of disease. Naturopathy supports the body’s own healing processes to alleviate symptoms and also treat the cause of the problem.

Natural, non-invasive healing

This form of treatment offers natural, non-invasive healing techniques to bring the body back into harmony.

This often means dietary and lifestyle changes.  

It may mean referral to allied practitioners such as Integrative GP’s, acupuncture, counselling, massage or meditation, to empower you to take control of your health and have an active part in increasing your wellbeing, energy and healing.


What to expect in your consultation

Our Naturopaths are experienced and experts in their fields.  We focus on the cause of your disease and tailor make each prescription of diet, exercise, relaxation/mindfulness, herbs and supplements especially for you to increase your well being.


A First Consultation is 60 minutes, we will ask many questions about your health and your health history, lifestyle and diet as well as family history.

Please bring any test results you may have as well as medications you are on and supplements you take.  We may suggest further testing and are happy to work with your G.P or specialist.

You will likely go home with some lifestyle suggestions and possible dietary changes if needed and a prescription specifically for you which may be a herbal formula or tablets.

Subsequent Consultations for 30 minutes and we spend the time checking how you are going and perhaps tweaking your prescription, these follow ups are essential to maintain your progress and to suit your changing needs.

Consults can be in person or by phone/ face time/Skype for long distance clients, or where it is difficult to get into the client

We are committed to providing the best care and support for you using natural evidence based therapies.

All products prescribed are stringently tested and of the highest quality. We mainly use practitioner only products which are not available in retail stores, to ensure the best possible result

Naturopathic Appointments

If you have extras cover with Naturopathy you can claim consultations, we also offer HICAPS facilities.


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