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Positive Effects of Meditation Show Up on Brain Imaging

Reductions in perceived stress and anxiety following transcendental meditation (TM) are associated with functional changes in key regions of the brain, in the first study to investigate the effects of the practice on the brain using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). “The group of meditators reported lower levels of anxiety and stress after practicing

Vegetarian Diet Linked to Lower Ischemic, Hemorrhagic Stroke Risk

A vegetarian diet rich in nuts, vegetables, and soy has been linked to a lower risk of both ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, new research suggests. In two large cohorts of more than 13,000 individuals, investigators found a vegetarian diet was associated with a 60% to 74% decreased risk of ischemic stroke and 65% lower risk

Specific Gut Bacteria in Infants Linked to Future Anxiety

Lower levels of a specific gut bacteria in infants are associated with the development of anxiety in toddlers, new research shows. In one of the first human studies to compare the composition of a baby’s gut bacteria with brain development, investigators found that levels of Prevotella  in fecal samples at 12 months of age were linked

Walnuts and Breast Cancer – Clinical Study

In a small clinical study, investigators from Marshall University School of Medicine found that the consumption of 60 grams of walnuts per day for about two weeks significantly changed gene expression in confirmed breast cancers. The findings from the study were published recently in Nutrition Research through an article titled “Dietary walnut altered gene expressions

Lavender Promising for Anxiety Study Suggests

Lavender Promising for Anxiety but Evidence Base Needs to Grow Lavender may have a role in treating anxiety but no firm conclusions can be drawn without higher quality, less biased studies, a large systematic review and meta-analysis suggests. “Oral lavender in the form of a standardized essential oil titrated in linalool and linalyl acetate may be

Massage Therapy Gives Relief From Chemo-Related Neuropathy

Massage Therapy Gives Relief From Chemo-Related Neuropathy   SAN FRANCISCO ―Massage therapy can provide symptomatic relief for chronic chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), a new study suggests. The number of weekly massage sessions that a patient received made a difference in symptom control. A statistically and clinically significant improvement in scores on the Pain Quality Assessment

Plant Protein Like Kale & Broccoli Reduces Total Mortality Risk

Plant protein reduces total mortality risk   Results of a new large-scale study published in JAMA Internal Medicine show an association between plant protein intake and lower total, cancer-related and cardiovascular disease related mortality. The study from Japan (Japan Public Health Centre-based Prospective Cohort) undertaken on over 70,000 participants, followed-up for 18 years found that while intake

Part 3 In Response to The Media On Benzodiazepine Medication – Jeff’s Story

Jeff’s Story On How He Quit Prescription Pain Medications  Suboxone Sux My name is Jeff, I’m 50 and had been on one form of opiate or another for almost 10 years after a bad motorbike accident. I was hospitalised for 3 months and sent home with a box of Fentanyl to keep me company. After a

Deep Sleep Cleans Your Brain: Part 1

Amazing discoveries about the brain are helping us to understand the importance of sleep in maintaining brain health. We can thank Professor Maiken Nedergaard for furthering our knowledge in this area due to her discovery of the glymphatic system in 2013. So, what is the glymphatic system? In a nutshell, it is the brain’s waste

Part 2 In Response To The Media On Benzodiazepine Medications.

CONCERN OVER RISING RATES OF OVERDOSE FROM PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS Last week concern was raised about the escalating levels of accidental overdose from prescription pain killers (opioids such as oxycodone and codeine) and sedatives (benzodiazepines such as diazepam , alprazolam and oxazepam). Despite many people being aware of the risks and managing these well, many others

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