COVID-19 Update

We continue to follow current SA Health advice and protocols. All of our practitioners have returned and are available as we were before Covid-19

Our naturopaths and counsellors are still seeing all clients and taking new clients. Our naturopaths and counsellors are still seeing patients in clinic and via the various on-line platforms (We are using Phone, Skype, Messenger, Whats App and Zoom for consultations)

And yes our massage specialists, Michael Pace and Carolyn Rowe have returned.

All supplements (practitioner only and non-practitioner) are available to be picked up or posted
We are very happy for you to come to the clinic to pick up your supplements. If you are not comfortable coming into the clinic at the moment, let us know when you are coming and we can have your orders ready for pick up out front of the clinic.
We also can post orders,  locally, regionally or interstate. Please ring or email to place your order

Client orders

For any Practitioner only supplements (and non-practitioner supplements). Whether you are wanting a delivery posted or just want your If you are unable to come into our clinic, you can ring or email to place your order

If emailing, please provide your name, address, phone number, and name of practitioner you see.

If you see a practitioner from a different clinic, please provide a copy of the prescription

All orders will be actioned immediately, and if posted sent ASAP but no later than COB next day

We are providing our clients with practical information to help enhance their immunity and increase their resilience to upper and lower respiratory tract infections.