* The authors of this systematic review evaluated the effects of exercise among patients with advanced cancer. Exercise interventions resulted in improved aerobic capacity in 14 of 19 studies, improved strength in 11 of 12 studies, and improved physical function in all 9 studies with this as an outcome. Improvements in quality of life were reported by 60% of people participating in exercise, and 45% reported improvements in fatigue.
* Exercise can be recommended to patients with advanced cancer to improve fitness and physical function. In addition, patients may see improved quality of life and reduced fatigue.
Despite improvements in therapy a large proportion of individuals with cancer will have a shortened life expectancy because of advanced or metastatic ( spread of cancer cells ) disease. Advances in therapy have however, extended life in those with advanced cancer thus heightening the importance of living well and preventing decline. The burdens of disease and cancer therapy impair aerobic fitness, strength, physical function and quality of life. Fatigue, the most common side effect of cancer and cancer therapy can further deteriorate quality of life. Exercise has the potential to improve aerobic fitness, physical function, control fatigue and enhance quality of life. However, exercise interventions are not routinely provided to those with advanced cancer. We present a systematic literature review of outcomes from interventions that include exercise for patients with advanced cancer. Studies were reviewed if they included an advanced cancer population and an intervention with a component of exercise. Overall, exercise containing interventions resulted in improvements in measures of aerobic capacity (14 of 19 studies) strength (11 of 12 studies), and components of physical function (9 of 9 studies). Fatigue and quality of life were identified to improve in slightly over half of all evaluated studies (11 of 19 studies and 10 of 19 studies for fatigue and quality of life respectively). The numbers of total participants reporting improvements in quality of life (60%) were greater than fatigue (45%). Exercise provided to individuals with advanced cancer maintains or improves fitness and physical function and may diminish fatigue and enhance quality of life and should be considered as an intervention to prevent further health complications.
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Exercise interventions for individuals with advanced cancer: A systematic review
Preventive Medicine, Volume null, Issue null, Page null
Kim L. Dittus, Robert E. Gramling, Philip A. Ades