Have you been diagnosed with fatty liver.

As many as 1 in 3 Australians have fatty liver (whether or not it has been diagnosed> many people do not know they have it).
Fatty liver is both a cause and consequence of
Diet high in highly refined, processed and fatty foods
Lack of fruit and vegetables
Excess alcohol
Lack of exercise
Chronic indigestion
It usually shows as excess weight around your mid-section (abdomen) and FATTY LIVER is often a reason that weight is hard to shift or keep off.
It both accompanies and CAUSES many chronic conditions, including
Weight gain
High blood pressure
Heart disease
Kidney disease (often silent)
Chronic indigestion
Elevated cholesterol
Liver damage (fibrosis, cirrhosis and cancer)
Interestingly, not everyone with fatty liver is overweight.
The longer you have FATTY liver, the more of these problems it can cause, and the harder it can be to improve.
But it can be treated and reversed!!
By combining well researched
Food changes
Food additions
Exercise programs
Validated supplements  AND
Understanding of the processes that cause fatty liver
YOU can reverse this condition and treat the causes of many other chronic health conditions.
Take the time to SHOW your LIVER some love and attention.
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