High adherence to the Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower risk of aggressive prostate cancer, according to a study published in the February issue of The Journal of Urology.

Adela Castelló, M.P.H., Ph.D., from the University of Alcalá in Madrid, and colleagues examined the correlation of the Western, prudent, and Mediterranean dietary patterns with prostate cancer risk using data from the Multicase-Control Study on Common Tumors in Spain. The study included information on 754 histologically confirmed incident cases of prostate cancer and 1,277 controls, aged 38 to 85 years.
The researchers found that high adherence to a Mediterranean dietary pattern, rich in fruits and vegetables, fish, legumes, and olive oil, correlated with a lower risk of prostate cancer with a Gleason score greater than 6 (quartile 3 versus 1: adjusted relative risk ratio [aRRR]: 0.66 [95 percent confidence interval, 0.46 to 0.96]; quartile 4 versus 1: aRRR, 0.68 [95 percent confidence interval, 0.46 to 1.01]; P-trend = 0.023) and with higher clinical stage (cT2b-T4 quartile 4 versus 1: aRRR, 0.49 [95 percent confidence interval, 0.25 to 0.96]; P-trend = 0.024). There was no correlation for the prudent pattern, which combines vegetables and fruits with low fat dairy products, whole grains, and juices, or for the Western pattern, with prostate cancer risk.
“Nutritional recommendations for prostate cancer prevention should consider whole dietary patterns instead of individual foods,” the authors write
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News · January 19, 2018
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study published in the February issue of The Journal of Urology.
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