Hot Flushes, Night Sweats, Mood Swings, Symptoms of MENOPAUSE Getting You Down?
Here at BOTANICA MEDICA, we have many ways of treating MENOPAUSE
Why not try our herbal tea “Menopause Tea” it contains the beautiful herbs Hops, Sage, Cinnamon and Lavender, just brew in your favourite tea pot for 20 minutes. Come in and pick up a packet today only $7.95
If your over waking up with your PJ’s soaked why not try our BOODY range. They have a fantastic “Shaper Crop Bra” its seam free, superbly soft as its made from Bamboo.
Bamboo wicks away moisture, is more breathable than cotton, is Antibacterial & Anti-fungal, it is also Hypo-allergenic and Antistatic. Come in and look at our extensive range of Boody Wear for both Men and Women at 97-99 Glen Osmond road Eastwood.
If Mood Swings and Irritability, Reduced Libido, Insomnia, Night Sweats and Hot Flushes are getting the better of you, there is a better way:
Our Naturopaths Tracey Cook and Craig Wainwright at Botanica Medica are only too happy to help, they have been getting great results with personalised treatments, as no two women are alike. They will also ensure your personalised treatment won’t clash with any prescription medications you may be on, call Botanica Medica on 82711827 to make an appointment
Our Acupuncturist Elena Williams also see’s great results in the treatment of Menopause as well as a wide range of other disorders such as sleep, stress, mood, fertility, digestive and musculoskeletal. Please call Botanica Medica on 82711827 to make an appoitment