5 Fabulous ideas for spring cleaning your mind this spring time!
Spring time often inspires us to declutter our homes and our wardrobes. It is also a great time to consider cleaning out our mental and emotional spaces: our thoughts and feelings.
Just as it feels good to walk into an organised closet or enjoy a cleared and clean space, a mental spring-cleaning can provide us with a boost and a sense of relief and accomplishment. Here is a mental and emotional spring-cleaning FAB 5 checklist to help you get started!
1. Cultivate some quiet time
Plan some alone time to take a mental stock-take and identify what has been cluttering your heart and mind. Meditation, prayer, hiking and yoga are great examples of external acts that promote internal reflection and allow time to tune in to your inner world.
Ask yourself: What can I clear out of my heart or mind that will contribute to me feeling more calm and centred?
2. Tune out from technology
Take a planned break from technology and spend some time visualising how you want to feel in your life and in your relationships. Spend some time outside in nature. Consider a walk on the beach or some time in the park. South Australia has some of the most beautiful coastline and walking tracks in the world – take a look here:
Ask yourself: When was the last time I spent some time enjoying some of what South Australia has to offer? Where would I like to go?
3. Jot it down
Putting pen to paper and identifying your thoughts and emotions helps clear out your emotional space, make emotions seem more manageable and can giveyou a different perspective. You may not even realisehow cluttered your mind has become until you start expressing your feelings and thoughts. Next time you feel emotionally burdened – try writing it down.
Ask yourself: What am I thinking about right now? What am I feeling right now? Where do I experience that feeling in my body? How would I like to feel? How do I want to get there?
4. Give up a grudge
Releasing your grip on a gripe or a grudge can free up emotional energy that you can then invest in other, more positive areas of your life. While having a range of emotions, including anger and hurt, is normal, letting those feelings take up permanent residence in your heart can ultimately have a negative impact onyou.
Ask yourself: Am I holding on to past hurt that I’d be willing to let go of? If so – Why do I still hold on to this resentment?
5. Forgive your flaws
Nobody is perfect. Often, it is much easier to overlook the flaws in other people that it is to let go of our own shortcomings. Over time it can be easy to collect evidence for negative self-evaluations like, “I’m notgood enough” or “I’ve never been good at relationships”. Dwelling on flaws or on past mistakes can clutter the present and lead to self-critical thoughts and feelings. Human beings aren’t inspired to do better by criticism. This also applies to self-criticism. Acknowledge that all human beings make mistakes and have flaws and that it is possible to learn from personal experiences and still maintain a sense of self-acceptance.
Ask yourself: Is there something that I’ve said or done, or a trait that I don’t like about myself that seems to clutter my mind? What would I like to do right now and what is within my power to control – do I want to change it or accept it?
You may like to consider counselling to stretch some of these ideas even further. I am available on Saturdays and some weeknights for after hours counselling appointments.
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Happy Spring Cleaning!
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Call Botanica Medica 8271-1827 to schedule an appointment time.
LiHappy Spring Cleaning!