That Sugar Book by Damon Gameau based on “That Sugar Film” is more than just an interesting read, for some I think it will be life changing, it certainly was for him. What I like about this book are the explanations as to why we love sugar so much, as well as the scientific data to help arm us in our fight to give up. I was horrified at some of the hidden sugar foods he discovers that I hadn’t even thought about. But Damon doesn’t just leave it there, you are not “stranded with no way out”. Damon shows you how he got healthy again and gives lots of great tasting recipes with helpful hints, notes and variations for the novice in this style of cooking and living. It is not a diet but a way to live and live longer.
-Have you been having trouble sticking to your New Years resolution of giving up sugar or trying to eat healthy?
-Are you finding it hard to understand why some pre-packed “healthy food” are not helping with the sugar cravings, particularly around 4pm?
-Want to find some good healthy alternatives for the kids lunch boxes or your own?                                                                                                                                    -Like to know what all the fuss of sugar is about or why you should consider living with less of it?
We are slowly learning more about what sugar does to us. For some of us it is like a drug, hard to kick with sweet high’s and then massive head pounding low’s. There have been some interesting studies of late about the “evil’s” of sugar, we all know about diabetes, and obesity. But there are now other links such as breast cancer and metastasis to the lungs.
Why not give the “That Sugar Book” a read only $34.95, it is available at Botanica Medica 97 Glen Osmond Road Eastwood, or call and reserve your copy today on 82711827