* * * * E A T  R E A L  F O O D  A N D  L O S E  W E I G H T * * *
Yes it’s possible! Eat 3 balanced meals each day, that’s real, wholesome, natural food!
ULTRA LITE is a professional weight and health management program that helps you to lose weight and reclaim your health. The program is run with our Naturopath Tracey Cook. They will check if this program is suitable for you. In most cases if you have private health cover there is a portion of the program that is claimable as you are consulting with a naturopath on each visit.
Why use Ultra Lite?
-No meal replacement shakes-
You will be taught how to make better food choices, correct portion sizes and about different food groups.
-corrects the balance between protein and carbohydrates. We do need both and the amount of protein consumed is based on World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations.
– The program is extremely supported, you will see a Naturopath once a week to weigh & measure and discuss how you are going. This helps you to stay on track and gain success.
-The program does come with a manual and over a 100 delicious recipes with lists of allowable foods.
– 4 Ultra Lite nutritional Sachets are taken each day and help to minimise cravings (blood sugar swings) between meals. It also provide vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
-suitable for diabetics in consultation with a Naturopath.
-The Naturopath can also address any hormonal and or blood sugar related issues
The Ultra Lite program often has added benefits such as improved digestion, clearer skin, sharper mind, improved memory .
Risks of being overweight -Type 2 diabetes, fatigue, insomnia, depression, infertility, arthritis, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol- just to name a few
Don’t delay! It’s never too late to change your life. Make an appointment with one of our Naturopaths at Botanica Medica on 82711827 today.